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Of Dragons and Kings

Over the hills and far away, Where knights come to save the day, An old woman, she used to...

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Over the hills and far away,
Where knights come to save the day,

An old woman,
she used to preach,

“Raise your steel!
Our walls will be breached!”

No-one believed her,
‘Til upon came the King.

“What will attack us?
What should we bring?”

She told him she was a-walk in the woods,
Along came a dragon! How tall he stood!

His voice was deep, enchanting and true,
His fur a soft tint of ocean blue,

“Bring me a maiden, who’s soul I will take,
but betray me beware, your walls shall break…”

The king was afraid, ’cause only he knew,
A dragon who’s fur a soft tint of blue…

That dragon’s request had been laid to rest,
For he dare not put his patience to test.

The king did not deny, but he did not bring,
For he knew he had ’til Spring.

But when winter come, the King was in trouble
Soon his kingdom would be smashed to rubble

He had not given the Dragon his maiden
With fear and stress his heart was laden

He cried to the skies
Wished the dragon no might

But the skies struck back with lack of care
And the king’s heart had stopped with a mighty flair

Remorse struck, the peasants weeping and bawling
When upon came the dragon, smashing and clawing

As the peasants cried out with fear
“Who will save us? The end is near!”

An old woman stood up with her old, creaky legs
She  chanted some words and the dragon begged

Her to stop her sentence, forgive and forget
“I’ll disappear and thus cease all this fret!”

She quieted down and responded in low
Be gone from this world, or go drown in the moat!

The dragon grinned wickedly, and with all his power
He lashed and bit and caused the town to cower

The woman started back up, and with it did his pleas
And as the chant finished he begun to freeze

The dragon roared and twisted and fell
He had fallen under an old witch’s spell

The kingdom rejoiced in apparent glee
She had victored over the terrible monstrosity

They all thought she’d die, but she was old and wise
and simply told them, “None shall escape their demise”

They looked back at their terrible queen
And threw her from tower, tore down the Green

capes, that draped the walls of castle
New capes were put up and with little hassle

The old woman, despite tradition and rules and other silly things
Became the queen and the Kingdom soared with her wings

And through all the years she ruled
She never became stuck up or cruel

And thus our story comes to an end
With some last parting words;
Beware of dragons, my friend!

Written by Deirdra Megowan
I'm an English major, hoping to one day become a Professor of English. I also have a huge interest in animals and animal behavior as a field and a science. Profile


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