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New Generation Chicana (spoken word)

Born and raised in the USA But the blood of Mexico still runs through my veins This society puts...

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Jean Harlow Portrait

Jean Harlow 8.5″X 11″ Charcoal and White Chalk on White Artists Paper.

Apr 14 · 2 sec read >


Life is not a GAME Perception at it’s Finest Think…let it lead YOU

Apr 14 · 3 sec read >

Inside the Outside

David Bowie: Outside Tour(ca. 1997) Inspired by a song from his album Outside called, “I Have Not Been To...

Apr 14 · 7 sec read >

Am I Lost?

The consumption of my soul is overwhelming. Its destroying my humanity. The monster is society, And we treat it...

Apr 13 · 52 sec read >

Love lost

Girl know I had a thing for ya/ know it doesn’t make sense to ya/ Know I never did/...

Apr 12 · 50 sec read >

Shattered, Scattered, Bruised, and Battered

Life is cruel, Time’s a thief Love’s a girl/guy You just can’t keep We learn to trust And grow...

Apr 10 · 1 min read >

Cascading comets

Energy radiates off of her body, casting spells on you; you feel intoxicated with magic. You know that feeling...

Apr 10 · 4 min read >

A Flickering Flame

We seem to have forgotten, in the midst of all our angst, that the words we’ve rashly spoken, have...

Apr 10 · 1 min read >


I once read that girls say the word just more than boys. maybe that’s because we are told to...

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