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In the Name of Freedom of Speech

What kind of jokes does one make at open mic comedy night? Unintelligent ones. Offensive jokes buy cheap laughs....

Apr 7 · 2 min read >


falling from the stars she crash landed on my heart no longer a wish her eyes are black holes pulling...

Apr 7 · 5 sec read >


Stranded all alone Struggling to bridge the gap This E.T. phones home

Apr 7 · 2 sec read >

Mother is that you?

Dear mommy dearest, It’s been 19 years, where are you? I have the freckles across my face that resemble...

Apr 7 · 57 sec read >

Tragic Beauty

“Oh, how I wish to be so small, people think I am disappearing, I want to be a tragic...

Apr 6 · 2 min read >


Billions of light-years Billions of galaxies spin Seven billion specks

Apr 6 · 2 sec read >

Communication is Key

The start of every new relationship is about getting to know your partner. So darling, now that I’ve gotten...

Apr 6 · 54 sec read >

A Letter To A Man I Once Called My Friend

Hello to the one that got away. From the blistering battle unscathed. Without a scar on your head or...

Apr 5 · 2 min read >


The main lights flicker off, the main drive has powered down. A growl from the dark.

Apr 5 · 3 sec read >

The Hunters Come

I sit upon my plush chair In the lair that I call home, I contemplate my gruesome fate But...

Apr 5 · 26 sec read >