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Poetry Slam: Through New Eyes

  Through New Eyes From the dining table I cant help but snicker for pass the window is a...

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Through New Eyes

From the dining table I cant help but snicker

for pass the window is a young lad bitter

This young lad with his torn clothes

needs to clean up and get off the roads

I cannot help but perceive him as comedy

my minds made up this lads an atrocity

Yet deep down inside I knew I was once there

a homeless man with nothing to spare

But ever since my big break

I have forgotten my old fate

Without realization I made this lad an image

one that portrays me and him diminished

Yet at once I denied my every thought

this lads presence does make me wroth

I opened the restaurant door and preceded to leave

suddenly the sluggish laid grew closer to me

My morals came strong but crushed by my hate

this grotty lad is far too late

His withering body pushed up some breath

and sayeth to me, “I must say in such distress

Your clothes are lavish, your hair is defined

do you care to spare a dime?”

I looked at him with utter disgust

and exclaimed with utter robust

“Get a job you lousy fool

you reek of savage and battered stool”

The young man cowered and ran away

a man who was beside me then complained

“Dear sir that young man is quite reclusive

sadly his dad is utterly abusive”

As I looked closer I could see the scars

I realized my petty thoughts and my petty heart

Oh how a fool I was, my pride, my nature

how could I have interacted with such anger

If only I had not prejudged with disposition

its hard to converse due to past conditions

If only I had seen him for who he was not how he looked

this situation wouldn’t be as bad as it looks

The young man vanished and I never saw him again

to this day I share with my friends

No more will I speak with a prejudged mind

my life because of that young lad is redefined

-Solomon Sanchez

I believe my poem is appropriate for the contest because it shows that communication is more than just words. It’s deeper than that, and our communication with others can become a miscommunication when we prejudge an individual, not for who they are, but for how one perceives them to be. Moreover, my poem gives a deeper meaning to the word “communication” and “miscommunication.” Therefore, I believe my poem is suitable for the contest.

Written by Solomon Sanchez
I am a Ventura College student. I am not sure what I want to major in, I am exploring my options. I am currently pursuing my General Educations Degree. Profile

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