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Shattered, Scattered, Bruised, and Battered

Life is cruel, Time’s a thief Love’s a girl/guy You just can’t keep We learn to trust And grow...

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Life is cruel,

Time’s a thief

Love’s a girl/guy

You just can’t keep

We learn to trust

And grow attached

Then it goes up

Like gas and match

Some say it’s jaded

That we’re depressed

But they’re the ones

Who say they’re stressed

The universe

Does not choose

Who will win

And who will loose

We all love

We all cry

We will age

And some day die

We are shattered

Pieces scattered

Hearts are bruised

And bodies battered

There’s nothing bad

With feeling wrong

Time will pass

And move along

We’ll all suffer

Cause we are man

All too often

At each other’s hand

The tears we cry

Will burn our flesh

Our lungs will

Burn inside our chest

And though we know

They might be right

When people help

We tend to fight

There’s nothing wrong

With how we feel

There’s no one way

For us to heal

Nothing’s fair

In love of life

What brings us joy

Will bring us strife

Cause we are shattered

Our pieces scattered

Our hearts are bruised

And bodies battered

Love’s a burden

That we carry

It brings us peace

But feeds our furry

There’s nothing

To be don of fixed

Cause life is love

So let it come

And come what may

Each new scar’s

A brand new day

I’d never change

The things I’ve done

Cause every day’s

A battle won

I’ll life my head

And raise this voice

For every love

There was no choice

The world is full

Of things to hate

But loving you

Was no mistake

So yes we hurt

And yes we cry

But we are here

And will not lie

I may not know

And never will

Why there’s a

Whole I cannot fill

For as I grow

The more I want

The love that others

Like to flaunt

So yeah we’re broken

And we’re chokin’

On these words

That are unspoken

Cause we’re shattered

Bruised and battered

And our pieces

Now are scattered

So don’t blame us

And don’t hate us

Cause there’s

Nothing that can save us

The world is shattered

We are scattered

Love is bruised

And all are battered.

Written by Kathleen Donovan
I'm an English Major with an Art minor; I consider myself an artist, whether it's painting with words or with charcoal. I also enjoy music, reading, exploring, and going on adventures. Profile
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