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The Shadow

Chapter 1 – The Beginning   Do you believe in demons or dark shadows? Well, if you heard of...

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Chapter 1 – The Beginning


Do you believe in demons or dark shadows? Well, if you heard of them and you think they aren’t real, then you are full of yourself because they are! It was in 1918 when a new family had just moved into a Victorian house in Atlanta, Georgia. The people that lived near that home said that there was something in the house, but sadly the family didn’t care and wanted to live in there anyway. It was a big mistake. . . .

Present time. . . .

Newscaster: “A sixteen year old girl is missing; she was last seen in her house. The police said that the parents’ heard banging sounds coming from her room and went to take a look and the next thing they knew, she was gone!” A boy with dirty blond hair and blue eyes turned off the TV. “Hey, wasn’t that the girl in our Bio class who’s been gone for almost a month now?” said Peter Larson as he turned to the other boy with brown hair and brown eyes wearing a plain blue shirt and jeans , sitting next to him on the chair eating an apple. “I think so… isn’t her name Iris or something?” said Sam Miller, then he looked at the clock. “We should get to the bus or we’ll miss it again!” At the bus stop and all the way to school, the kids were talking about missing girl. “Hey, did you hear about the missing girl? I heard that her house is haunted and that she is tied to the Wilcox house,” explained Megan Thomson who was sitting behind Peter and Sam which was surprising to Peter since Megan hardly talks to anyone but the band kids. “Yeah, like ghosts and stuff,” said Peter in a sarcastic voice while trying to make his hair stick up but it keep on falling back down on  his face which really annoyed him. His mom was going to cut his hair but had a meeting and couldn’t do it .

“Well, people say that’s one of the reasons that they moved away from the old Wilcox house. They also say that after they moved out, people began seeing strange things and just recently saw a light flickering in one spot through the window,” said Megan. “Maybe it was a lamp light bulb . . . maybe it was burning out.” said Sam. “I don’t think so . . . I think it’s a ghost.” said Megan her eyes moved from Peter to Sam. The bus slowed down in front of Adam Green High School. “Well, I think it is just a story to try to scare the little kids.” said Peter while getting off the bus.

“I think it’s real,” said Megan.  As she walked by them, Peter rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe that she believes in that kind of stuff” “What kind of stuff?” Sam asked with a blank expression on his face. “You know ghosts, weren’t you just listening to her” “Oh well, I don’t think there is any ghost in that house. I think it is a light bulb like you said, but I do believe in ghosts,” said Sam. “Whatever, come on we better go to our lockers before class starts or we will get in troubled with Ms. Peters.”

Throughout the rest of the day, the kids in all of Peter’s classes and throughout the halls were whispering about Iris and the Wilcox house. At football practice after school, the guys on the team still talked about her and how she was hot and that she was part witch or something. Finally, Peter was so sick of it, he came up with a plan. He needed to talk to Sam on the bus. On the bus, Peter told Sam of his plan “Let’s go to the Wilcox house and see what that light is. Then, we can take a picture of it and post in on the web so that we can prove to everyone that there are no ghosts in that house,” said Peter in an excited voice. “How do we do that? We’re only sixteen years old. How are we going to get in the house? Isn’t it gated or something?” asked Sam. “Meet me at eight ‘o’clock tonight and bring a flashlight.  Leave the rest to me. I will text you where to meet,” said Peter. “Fine, but you owe me for this,” said Sam finally, but in the back of his mind Sam knows that it might be the last time he will hangout with Peter since his parents are talking about moving for his father’s promotion if he gets it. . . .

It was nightfall and the wind blew in the old cemetery by the house as Sam was waiting for Peter. Sam was checking his phone every five seconds. Finally, Peter arrived with a huge brown bag, he was wearing all black even his socks were black ,his hair tucked behind a wool black hat, he looked like one of those robbers that you see on TV but that was Peter always trying to be dramatic, Sam rolled his eyes at the sight of his friend. “Why are you wearing all black no one lives there anyone?” asked Sam. Peter gave his friend a once over, Sam was wearing jeans and a dark blue t-shirt “In case we are seen . . . oh never mind,” Peter said waving his hand like it was nothing.

“What is in that thing?” asked Sam pointing to the bag. “Just stuff we need,” said Peter. As they started to head to the house, they began to see it clearly.  It was an old Victorian house. The white paint was peeling and some of the windows and the doors were boarded up. Everything was dark, and the boys couldn’t see through the windows that were not boarded up because they were so dusty. Weeds grew everywhere, and it looked like it had been abandoned for centuries.

But as they got closer, one of the windows was open, and the curtains were blowing out of it, but the weird thing where there was no wind. A dim light flickered behind the curtains and quickly went off and came back on again. “Did you see that light?” exclaimed Sam in a nervous voice. “It’s just a lamp. It’s nothing, don’t be a girl,” said Peter, but as he looked at the window again the light was gone. “It’s just nothing,” Peter said under his breath while shaking the thoughts out of his head. “It’s just nothing. Come on Sam, let’s go inside.”


Chapter 2 – The Light and the Shadow


As they started up the front steps, one of the steps underneath Sam started to break. He quickly jumped on to the next step while grabbing on to Peter’s skirt. “Sam, you can yet go now, man why are you so jumpy?” Peter asked. “Sorry man,” Sam said letting go of Peter’s skirt. The front door was locked, so Peter opened the brown bag and retrieved a small paper clip.

Making a small key out of the paper clip, he slipped it into the door. “How did you know that was going to work?” Sam asked. “I didn’t really; when my older sister was around I would try to unlock her diary and stuff,” Peter said shrugging his shoulders like it was nothing. It took him a few tries, but finally he got the door open.  He pushed it open, and they slowly went inside with the door cracked open. They entered into what looked like the living room – it was hard to tell because all of the furniture was covered with white sheets and dust plus it was really dark. It took time for their eyes to adjust and find the stairs. They both turned on their flashlights and climbed up the stairs.

As they climbed, they started to hear a low eerie sound all around them, they took a pose in the middle of the staircases. They turned to each other nodding and continued up the stairs. On the way up the stairs, they saw old pictures. Some were broken and dusty in their frames. The pictures inside showed a girl maybe a little older than them, like seventeen or eighteen years old, that looked a lot like Iris, but in older clothes. Another photograph nearby showed the young woman and what looked like her family in front of the old Victorian house. They were at the top of the stairs that reached a long hallway with four rooms.  “Which room had the light in it?” asked Sam in a low whisper. “Let’s just open the ones on the left side because they are facing the front of the house,” Peter whispered back. They opened the first door near them, but there was no light, only a small room with covered furniture.

Then Peter pointed at the door next to them and Sam nodded. Then they came to the second door on the left side. As they open the door slightly, they could see a light. As they opened it wider the light was brighter, and when they stepped inside standing near the window, instead of a lamp flickering there was the figure of a girl. Her back was toward them. Both Sam and Peter were shocked, they couldn’t move a muscle. Suddenly, the girl was directly in front of them and she looked familiar. She spoke almost in a whisper. “Can you see me?” she asked. They both nodded in unison they could take their eyes off her. “Then you should get out of here before he finds you,” she said in a scared voice. “Who?” asked Sam in a shaky voice. “Him!” she said, pointing to a dark shadow figure. “Get out!” the shadowy figure said in a low angry voice. When he said it both Sam and Peter were pushed through the house and out of the front door by a gust of air. It felt like only minutes in the house like everything was standing still but the sun was just rising over the mountains and they had to head home before their parents found out that they were gone. “We have to talk about what happened last night at school . . .  in private,” said Peter looking around the streets if anyone was around for that matter.

“Okay,” said Sam in a wary voice, his face looking a little green. The next day they met in front of the bus stop early before anyone was there. “What was that thing? . . . . And that girl?” asked Sam in a scared, yet curious voice. “Tonight we are going back to that house to find out. Same time and place to meet,” said Peter. Sam stared at his friend in shock.  “I don’t know I am pretty busy tonight,” Sam said. “I don’t believe you, you are never busy.” Peter said giving Sam the stink eye. “No really, my mom is making me clean the attic if I don’t I will be in big trouble!” exclaim Sam. “Really your mom never made your clean the attic before, if you are trying to get out of this because that is shitty excuse if you are asking me,” Peter said. “You know now my mom is she is a complete clean freak, she went to the attic to get something yesterday and the next thing I knew she told me to clean the attic,” Sam said getting annoyed.

Peter was nodding his head. “Sorry man I totally forgot how your mom is do you know when you are going to be done,” Peter said. “I don’t know maybe nine,” Sam said shrugging his shoulders. “Fine we will meet at nine, meet me at the same place we met yesterday,” Peter said giving Sam a weird look. “What is up with Sam lately,” Peter said to himself as he headed home.


Chapter 3 – The Light’s Name

Peter and Sam approached the house looking at the window to find the light . . . well the missing girl for that matter, but it was still confusing for Peter and Sam to put together. . . . But it wasn’t there. They unlocked the door and headed up the stairs to the door where the light was the night before. They opened the door and walked inside. There wasn’t any light; but the same girl they’d seen the night before was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was startled to see them at first, but when she recognized them she calmed down she stood up and slowly walked toward the boys. They could see her more clearly by the moon’s light reflecting on her. She had brownish wavy hair with streaks of red that was pulled in a messy ponytail and brown eyes she wasn’t that short she came to Peter’s nose but was slender, she wore what looked like rip jeans and a light pink tank top with holes, there were what looked like bruises and cuts all up and down her arms and a cut on her cheek like she was in a fight for her life.

And for some reason the sight of the girl made Peter’s heart skip a beat. It was hard to tell because she was highlighted with light all around her. In a soft genital voice, almost in a whisper, she asked “Why did you come back? You can get killed!” “We want to know who you are and what that was last night,” asked Sam. “Well, you’re fine now that Alizar is sleeping. He awakes only once a week so . . . . You’re safe for now,” she said rubbing her arm nervously. “Who?” asked Peter. “I’ll explain, but you must promise not to tell a soul,” she said. Both boys nodded. “Okay, so my name is Iris for starters and . . . .” “You’re the missing girl that went to our school!” exclaimed Peter taking a step back from her.

“Yes, I am. But there is a reason why I disappeared. My family is cursed and I don’t know why. All I know is that my grandmother once told me that Wilcox family is my decedents and when they moved into this house in 1918 and quickly left . . . and it has something to do with Alizar. He’s a demon. He captured me and now whenever he wakes up, he sucks the life out of me because he needs my life to get stronger. You see, he is too weak to do anything for now . . . .” said Iris her eyes on the floor. “What do you mean, for now?” asked Peter with a scared but serious expression on his face. “Alizar will get stronger, this year the winter solstice and full moon are on the same night. By then, he will have his full powers to kill me. Then he will be free to torment and kill others.”

Both boys stared at her in shock, their mouths hanging open. Iris had a took a step back like they might scream or run. Finally Peter spoke “So is there any way to stop him?” he asked. “Well, there is one way to stop him, but it’s going to be dangerous” Iris said. “Tell us what to do and we’ll do it” said Peter. “We’re what?!” exclaimed Sam. “Yeah, we’re going to help her” said Peter, but Sam gave him a look of uncertainty and concern. “Are you serious? We can get killed!” exclaimed Sam. “Sam can I talk to you for a second . . . . over here” said Peter as he graded Sam elbow and dragged him to the corner of the room leaving Iris by herself. “Don’t be a baby! We have to help her” said Peter.

Sam crossed his arms. “Peter this is not normal” said Sam pointing around the room. “We have to help her Sam the world needs us” said Peter. “We are not superheroes we have to call the police” said Sam. “Like the police will believe in two sixteen year old boys they will think it is a prank. “Besides we are the only two people that can see her like she said” said Peter. “Well . . . . All right we’ll help, but I still don’t like it” said Sam in a wary voice. “Sam you don’t have to like it you just have to be there and help” said Peter shrugging his shoulders.  As they walked back to Iris they can tell that she has something on her mind because she didn’t realize that they were done talking. “Iris?” said Peter waving his hand in front of her face “Iris!” said Peter almost yelling. She looked up at them with a daze look on her face “Sorry” she said. “What have you decided are you going to help me or not?” she asked.

“We are going to help you” said Peter with a smile on his face, “Oh by the way my name is Peter and this is Sam,” Peter said pointing to Sam. “Nice to meet you both and thanks for helping me,” Iris said giving them a weak smile, which made Peter tough tide. “What were you thinking about Iris” asked Sam. “Ok, well there’s a diary that my great great grandmother wrote in that will tell us how to kill him. It’s in the house, but I’m not sure where it is. But there are clues to finding it and I know where the first clue is, my grandmother told me before I was kidnapped. It’s on a wall in one of the rooms, follow me.” Iris said. She then led the boys to one of the rooms on the right and opened the old dusty door which made Peter almost sneezed and walked inside.

It was a normal sized room and the furniture was covered. Iris then led them to one of the walls near the corner and Peter saw that the floral pink wallpaper was starting to peel.  He carefully peeled back the paper from the wood. There were words that were carved on the wood that read “The light will shine on our family’s face.” “What does that mean?”asked Sam. “I don’t know, but you should be getting home. The sun is rising” said Iris. “Let me take a picture of the clue so Sam and I can work on it, we can talk when we come back tomorrow” said Peter holding up his phone and quickly snapped the picture. “Alizar is sleeping, we can talk then. But be quick, we only have three weeks before the winter solstice” said Iris. The boys headed home.

Chapter 4– The Girl in the Dream

That night Peter dreamed that he was in front of the Wilcox’s house but the house was clean and maintain, standing on the steps was a girl in old Victorian cloths. Peter came closer to the girl she has brownish hair which was pulled in a bun and grey eyes. She was carrying a brown book in her left hand . . . .  She looked really familiar but Peter couldn’t put a figure at it. She looked like a regular girl but as he came closer there was a white glow around her then all of sudden her eyes turned red, “Beware of him . . . . She is in danger!” her voice haft shaky, haft high pinch. He woke shaking. “Who was that . . . . Was she is trying to warn him about Alizar or someone else?”

He was about to say something but his eyes began to close and he drifted off to sleep. The next day the boys met at the bus stop early so they could try to figure it out. Peter opened his phone and showed the picture to Sam. “What do you think it means?” asked Sam. “I don’t know, but we need to figure it out” said Peter. The bus pulled up in front of them and they stepped inside. On the bus the boys were trying to figure out what the clue meant when all of sudden, Megan interrupted “What are you guys talking about?” she asked which startled them. “Well, we are trying to figure out what this means” said Peter holding up the phone so Megan could get a better view of it. “Well, it must mean that you have to have light shine on someone’s family or a picture of the family . . . . Like a flashlight or a candle maybe?” said Megan. “Wow, Megan how did you know that?’ asked Sam. “I am really good at solving puzzles and stuff. Is this for English or extra credit?” Megan asked. “Ahhh . . . no my mom likes to give me puzzles,” Peter said glancing over at Sam.

“Ohhh . . . yea ok I understand,” Megan said nodding her head. “Thanks for your help” Peter said. “No problem, glad to help” said Megan turning back in her seat. “Maybe it was one of the pictures on the wall above the stairs” exclaimed Sam. “Maybe . . . . We can look at them tonight. It would be huge to find the next clue. We’ll tell Iris what we figured out tonight” said Peter in an excited voice but secretly hoping to see Iris again. The day dragged on for Peter than it usually does, even in practice which is his time it felt long to him, he kept drifting off thinking about Iris and the dream he had last night. His teammates were giving him weird looks during the whole practice, even Coach B  pulled  him aside after and asked him if he was feeling all right. When Peter came out of the lockers, Sam was waiting for him. “Why is everyone on the team think I am ill or that I am going crazy?” he ask Sam.

“ Because  in  math when we had a test you left your answer sheet blank with only your name on it and in practice when we were doing drills you trip and fell when all we were doing was jogging back and forth,” said Sam giving Peter a look. “Sorry man my mind is somewhere else today,” said Peter. “It’s alright I just told everyone that you where not feeling great today, by the way you will have to make up that math test tomorrow,” said Sam. “Thanks man I will,” said Peter. “No problem . . . so what were you thinking about anyway?” ask Sam. Peter looked down at his feet and muttered, “I was thinking about Iris and that strange dream I had last night,” said Peter. “Oh . . . well we will see her tonight and we can tell her about everything we found today,” said Sam. “Yea you are right Sam let’s meet at eight again at the cemetery,” said Peter looking a bit more cheerful.  “I am worried about him,” said Sam to himself while Peter wasn’t listening.

Chapter 5- The Picture

The boys met at the cemetery at eight and headed up to the house, unlocked the door and stepped inside. “Iris . . . . Iris It’s us. . . . Sam and Peter. We need to tell you something about the clue,” whispered Sam. A light came from the stairs and Iris floated toward the boys. Peter started at her in ah “What did you guys find?” she asked in an excited voice waking Peter up. “We think that the clue is on one of these pictures” gesturing to the photos hanging on the staircase. “All we need to do shine a light through them and it should tell us the next clue.” Sam said. “Wow how did you guys figure it out so fast?”Iris asked. “Oh our friend Megan helped us she is good with puzzles” Peter said.

 “Oh is she your girlfriend then?” Iris asked staring at the floor blushing. “Oh . . . . No. . . . She is not my girlfriend” Peter said turning red. Sam looked at Peter raising an eyebrow. Peter quickly opened the brown bag and retrieved two flashlights and began to shine the beam on each of the pictures along the stairway while trying to ignore Sam. After many hours of carefully looking at each picture and shining a light at it, and going up and down the stairs multiple times, they couldn’t find any clues. They were deciding if they should look someplace else. “There are more pictures in the other rooms,” said Iris.

But Sam took a portrait off the wall for no apparent reason. In the picture were two people, a man and a woman holding hands by a tree near the house, smiling up at him. As he shined the light on it, he thought he saw something on the back of it and flipped it over. He shined the light through it, and it revealed words. “Hey guys, I think it’s the next clue,” said Sam in an excited voice. Both Iris and Peter came to Sam and he shined the light on the back of the picture. The words revealed “Above a fire with a brick of a crest, a key shall be revealed” “What does that mean?” said Iris “I don’t know, but Sam and I have the weekend to figure it out,” said Peter. “Ok, let me know when you figure it out, but you should probably go home now the sun is rising,” said Iris. “Ok, see you soon,” said Sam. In the morning, the boys were sitting in the kitchen in Peter’s house drinking Coca cola and trying to figure out the clue.

“Above a fire . . . . With a brick of a crest. What do you think that means?” asked Sam. “I don’t know, maybe above means the clue is above something and brick . . . .” asked Peter. “Maybe brick is a chimney with brick around it” exclaimed Sam. “What does crest mean?” asked Peter. “I don’t know, let’s look online for it” said Sam. The boys went upstairs to Peter’s room and went online to find out more information. Peter’s room wasn’t a neither large nor middle size room there was a bed which was messy, a middle size desk that was cover for head to toe with papers and books and a small dresser.  As the computer worms up Peter’s mom knocked on the door and peeked behind the door. Mrs. Larson is a middle age women she is tall and thin with blonde hair, a few grey sticks framing her face and blue eyes, she was wearing a grey sweater and navy jeans her hair was pulled into a ponytail “Hi boys can I get you anything?” “No mom we are fine when is dinner going to be ready?” Peter asked.

“In fifteen minutes honey and of course Sam you are welcome to stay over,” Mrs. Larson said with a smile. “Thanks Jessica I will text my mom and ask her,” Sam said. “Ok I’ll leave you guys to it then” Mrs. Larson said closing the door. Peter was already started typing on the computer and came across a website and clicked on it. “It says here that “crest” has a few meanings but the one that sounds right is “a family crest” which is a family stamp, basically. So we need to figure out what the Wilcox family crest looks like,” said Peter. “Ok, so let’s look up the Wilcox crest,” said Sam. After some searching, they found what they were looking for…“It says here that the Wilcox crest is a lion holding a knife,” said Peter. “So their crest is on one of the bricks on a fireplace,” said Sam. “That’s what it sounds like,” said Peter. “We will have to ask Iris if she’s seen the crest,” said Sam. The next few days went slowly for Peter and Sam, and the story of Iris and the house went away, but finally it was time to see Iris. The boys headed up to the old Victorian house and opened the door. “Iris, it’s us… Peter and Sam,” whispered Peter. A beam of light appeared at the top of the stairs, it came down the stairs and every step it took the boys could see the figure of Iris appear more clearly. “What did you guys find out?”asked Iris in a whisper. “The next clue is on a fireplace. It’s marked with the family crest which is a lion is holding a knife,” whispered Peter. “There is only one fireplace in this house and it is in the living room,” said Iris. She led them to the dusty old brick fireplace. “Keep an eye out for the crest,” said Peter.

They started to feel around the fireplace. It took them time to feel around. Finally Peter was feeling around the middle when all of sudden he felt some carving on one of the bricks, but it was so dusty that he couldn’t see it. He blew on it and it revealed a lion holding a knife. “Hey guys, I found it! I found the clue!” said Peter in an excited voice. Both Iris and Sam looked at the crest. “Where’s the next clue?” asked Sam. “I don’t know, try blowing the dust off” said Iris. Peter blew around the brick.

Dust flew around them but when it cleared, it revealed that the brick was tampered with and looked loose. “Try pulling it out” said Iris. Peter carefully wiggled the brick from its place. When the brick was finally out, Peter carefully reached in and retrieved a small key. All of the sudden, the house began to shake all around them and they heard a low angry scream that came out of nowhere. “Get out now! Alizar has awakened!” exclaimed Iris.  Peter and Sam ran out the door with the key in Peter’s hand.

Chapter 6 – The Truth and the Museum

The boys were standing at the front of the house panting. “We should find out more about the house and the family who lived there maybe there is a connection to the curse or something that will help us” said Peter. “Fine . . . there is a museum that has a bunch of recorders and stuff about our city,” said Sam.  “Wow how do you know that?”asked Peter. “Remember in the fourth grade Mrs. King she took us there,” Sam said.  “Oh right I forgot about that place,” said Peter. “We should go to our houses first so that our parents won’t suspect anything, plus I have not gotten any sleep in the last couple of days,” said Sam. “Fine let’s meet tomorrow in front of the museum,” said Peter

. The next day the boys’ meat at the museum. “So what’s the plan?” ask Sam. “Why do you always assume that I always have a plan?” ask Peter acting a little hurt. “Peter you come up with the plans and I make sure that that plan doesn’t get us arrested, that’s how it always works ever since we first meet,” said  Sam.  “All right . . . I have a plan but it might have to involve stealing,” said Peter.  “Why am I not surprised to hear that so what’s the plan that might or might not have us thrown in jail,” said Sam in a sarcastic voice.  “Glade for hear you on board Sam because if you would have got mad at me I would have just left you here and do it on my own,” said Peter. “Ha ha very funny Peter now can you tell me the plan before I change my mine,” said Sam.  “Ok here is the plan the information that we need is the basement for the museum where they keep papers, books that are too old or are aren’t that important and. . .” “How do you know that?” Sam interrupts. “I took the liberty of looking at their website which shows the layout of the building now pay attention,” he pulls a paper out of his pockets and unfolds it.

The plan was simple they sneak down stairs while no one was looking, Sam watches the door for anyone coming while Peters looks for information. The boy’s head in they watched around the museum once eyeing the guards, cameras and where the door was. The second time around they quickly opened the door and went inside; they went down the saris as fast as they could. They come to a long hallway with only one door and went inside closing the door behind them. The room was large with rows of bookshelves one side of the room and the other side rows of computers in the middle there were glass cases fielded with artifacts and old papers about the city.   “Ok Sam just like the plain you watch the door I will start looking on one of the computers first,” said Peter heading over to one of the computers. It took only a few minutes for Peter to find something.

“This looks interesting it says here that after the Wilcox family left two other families moved in one in the 1920s and the other in the 1940s after that the house was boarded up it doesn’t say what happened to the other families it is like they disappeared,” said Peter. “That weird and kind of creepy do you think Alizar has something to do with it?” ask Sam not taking his eyes off the door. “I believe so we can ask Iris when we see her this afternoon,” said Peter. The door began the shake and Peter quickly turned off the computer. One of the works came in she was small women with black hair pulled in a ponytail and brown eyes, she was wearing a dress with a cardigan.  She was so scared that she almost dropped the books she was caring. “What are you two boys doing here this place is off limits to the public?” she asks in a hoarse voice.  “Oh sorry miss we just got lost looking for the bathroom someone told us it was this way,” said Peter, he, and Sam left the room as fast as they should. Sadly, Iris was not much help about the missing but it was still good to see her.


Chapter 7- The Key   

That night while Peter was sleeping, in his dream he was in a room with no windows and only one door he tried to open it but it was locked he was stock. All of a sudden, a low angry voice came out of nowhere. “If you try to stop me, I will kill the ones you love, starting with her or say I have some fun with her instead.” A scream came, it was girl. “Iris!?” exclaimed Peter. Then fog came out of nowhere Peter felt like the room was becoming smaller by every minute. Then he heard a woman and a man screaming. “Mom . . . Dad!” exclaimed Peter he began to feel dizzy.

“That right. So if I were you, I would stop Oh and I will try to kill your sister as well,” said Alizar. Peter woke up in sweat and couldn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night. In the morning, Peter went straight to the phone and called Sam. “Did you have a dream about Alizar?” asked Peter. “Yeah, did you?” asked Sam yawning. “Yeah, we need to talk about this. Come to my house,” said Peter. “Ok, be there in a second,” said Sam. When the doorbell rang and Peter opened the door, he was surprised to Sam in pajama bottoms and a ragged shirt. His hair was sticking up straight “Couldn’t get any sleep?” asked Peter. “Yeah, after that dream I keep on tossing and turning,” said Sam yawning. “Same, let’s head up to my room so we can talk privately,” said Peter. In Peter’s room the boys talked about their dreams.

“Were you in a room and you couldn’t get out?’ asked Sam. “Yeah, I was and Alizar was threatening me that he would kill the ones I love,” said Peter. “Like who?” asked Sam. “My parents, my sister and . . . . Someone else,” said Peter looking down. “Who? Is it someone you like?!” asked Sam. “Yeah, it is,” said Peter. “Who is it then? Is it Megan . . . . or someone else,” said Sam. “I can’t, it’s too dangerous and it’s silly plus I think that Megan likes you right now,” said Peter. “Peter, I am your best friend, I know you. Now tell me or I will wrestle you to the ground if I have to,” said Sam in a serious voice. “Ok, its Iris, so don’t wrestle me!” exclaimed Peter putting his hands up in surrender. “I kind of figure. . . . You act weird around her more than normal and you look at her a lot, you have to tell her,” said Sam. “No, I can’t. Anyway can we change the subject? What did Alizar say to you?’ asked Peter, looking. “He said that he’ll kill my parents and my brother. Peter I have to tell you something it’s kind of important I wasn’t going to tell you later but since this happened . . .,” said Sam looking down at his feet.  “Sure Sam what is it I was wondering what was with you, you have been acting strange for a while, said Peter in a worried voice.

“My Dad might be getting a big promotion next week which might mean we will be moving in a mouth to a different city I don’t know where but it will be fare,” said Sam still looking at his feet.  “Why didn’t you tell me sooner man you are my best friend I would have understood,” said Peter looking a little mad. “I am sorry man I wanted to tell you but I didn’t want it to be a big thing because we weren’t for sure if he will get it or not,” said Sam looking at Peter finally. “ I know Sam I am sorry that I got a little mad at you let’s make this the best week ever for you until we find out for sure ok unless we die in  three days,” said Peter. Can I see the key now please?” said Sam. Peter went to his bed and took the key from under his pillow and handed it to Sam. In the light, the boys could see the key better.

It was a small silver key with very little rust, and it was detailed on the top with a ruby in the center. Sam kept turning it in his fingers trying to see if there is any clue written on it, but there wasn’t anything on it. “I can’t find the last clue!” exclaimed Sam. “Maybe it was on the brick . . . . or in the hole,’ said Peter. “Yeah, maybe we need to go back there and look,” said Sam in a worried voice.


Chapter 8- The Diary

The next night, the boys arrived at the house, opened the door carefully and went slowly up to the stairs to find Iris. They came into the room to find Iris on the bed. “Iris, there is no clue on the key. We think that it’s in the hole where we found the key,” said Peter. “We can try that but we have to be very quiet and careful. Alizar hears us if we make any noise now,” said Iris. “Alizar tried to scare us, he’s threatening to kill the ones we love,” said. Sam “Alizar is trying to stop you. Don’t let him get to you.  If he gets his full powers he could kill them anyway if we don’t stop him,” said Iris. “All right, let’s go downstairs to look for the last clue,” said Sam.

They headed downstairs and into the living room to the fireplace. Sam wiggled the brick from its place and turned the brick over. “It’s not on the brick. Try putting your arm in the hole,” said Sam. Peter puts his arm in and felt a piece of paper and pulled it out of the hole. He unrolled the crinkled paper to reveal words. “The thing you put away will lead to what you seek.” “What does that mean?” asked Sam. “Let’s work on it tomorrow,” said Peter. “You should go now. Alizar wakes up once in awhile to check up on me,” said Iris. The boys left the house as soon as they could. The next day the boys met in Sam’s room and stared at the computer. “What do you think the thing you put away . . . . Maybe an item or something,” said Peter. “Think… what could it mean?,” said Sam. After thinking about the clue awhile, finally Sam had an idea. “Maybe the thing you put away is a room in the house, like attic or garage because that’s where you put things away,” said Sam. “Yeah, and lead to what you seek could mean the attic has the last clue, which is the diary,” said Peter. “We need to tell Iris tonight about what we figured out,” said Sam.

That night, the boys headed to the house and opened the door and slowly headed up the stairs to the room and opened the door; there they found Iris still sitting on the edge of the bed. “Hey guys, did what you figure it out?” asked Iris. “We’re guessing that the diary is hidden in the attic,” said Peter. Iris’s face turned an extra shade of white, “But that’s where Alizar’s sleeping!” whispered Iris. “Really? How are we going to get past him to get the diary?” said Sam. “We have to figure out something” said Peter. Maybe can be very quiet when we go into the attic, and we can sneak past him,” said Iris.  “Let’s give it a try” said Sam. They headed up stairs and Iris led them to the middle of the hallway.  She pointed to the center of the ceiling that had a handle to pull down the attic staircase. Peter pulled in a chair from one of the rooms, stood on the chair, reached up and pulled the stairs down. A cloud of dust came around them, and when the dust cleared, they slowly went up the stairs. Carefully and quietly they creeped up the stairs until they reached the top. It took time for their eyes to adjust. The attic was a small room with lots of old boxes and old furniture, but everything was torn up. There were claw marks everywhere, especially on an old fashioned closet. There were also red and black blood spots covering the floor and closet.“That’s where Alizar sleeps” whispered Iris, pointing to the closet.

“Where do you think the diary is?” whispered Sam. “I don’t know, let’s check the around” Iris replied. Searching for a while through the boxes and old books, finally Peter noticed that one of the floorboards was loose. “Hey guys, I think I found something” whispered Peter. Sam and Iris went over to Peter. Both of the boys slowly picked up the floorboard and quietly moved it from its place.  They saw a small book and Sam grabbed it. They quickly and quietly left the attic. Sam shined the flashlight on the book and they saw a small lock. The book looked really old so they knew they had to be very careful.  Peter took the key and opened the book.

The front of the book had a note “Happy Birthday, Sophia. Love, Mother and Father”.“Who’s Sophia?” asked Sam as he read over Peter’s shoulder. Inside there was a picture of a young girl smiling up at them, Peter took a step back in shock. “I am so stupid!” Peter said. “Peter what are you talking about?” Iris asked. “I know that girl I saw her in a dream . . . he trailed off and flipped to the next page and they saw more writing.
Dear Diary, Yesterday was my 18th birthday and you were my birthday gift. My parents also had another surprise for me, we’re moving to a new city and into a beautiful house. The people in the city say that there is something in the house, but my parents think it is all silly superstition. We’re moving there very soon and we have to begin packing and saying our goodbyes to friends here I will miss them soo. It will all be a wonderful adventure! Love, Sofia W.”  “W… Do you think it stands for Wilcox?” whispered Peter. “Go to the next page” said Iris. Peter flipped to the next page.

Dear Diary, It has been a few weeks since we moved into our new house. Strange things are happening to my family and to the house. Just yesterday, Mother was working around the house and when she turned to look at me, her eyes were bright red. I do not know what is happening, but my Uncle William is a scientist and he is working to determine what is causing these strange events. He is working in the study and will not come out. I am very frightened and worried, diary I am frightened for my family am for myself. Love, Sophia W.”

Peter flipped through a few pages and came to a page that looked like dark splotches that might have been tears long ago and the handwriting was somewhat illegible like their hand was shaking.

Dear Diary, My family seems to be acting completely out of character most of my family has stopped eating sleeping all they doing is walking about the house muttering is some kind of language I have never heard off and Uncle William believes he has found the reason. He has discovered a demon is here in the house and is angry because  we have disturbed his peace by moving into this house. Somehow or other only i , my little brother Jonathan, Aunt Ruth and Uncle William are “immune” to the demon. Uncle plans to communicate with him and I am worried for his safety. I must go. Love, Sophia

“So, the uncle tried to figure out what was going on?” said Sam. “Flip to the next page” said Iris ,her eyes wide. Peter turned the page.

Dear Diary, Uncle William has been missing for days. His final words were that he had discovered how to kill the demon. He said that the demon cursed our family because of disturbing his peace he told Uncle William that when the winter solstice and full moon align, the demon will capture the youngest member of the Wilcox family and take their soul to gain power. Uncle has notes in the study that describe how to kill the demon. He has hidden his notes in a secret spot somewhere in the house. My brother and I finally got some since in mother and father for the first time in weeks, I am still worried about Uncle I hope he is still well but I fear that the worse came to him. We are leaving the house today because of the curse, but I have planted clues so someone can kill the demon before this tragedy can occur. I hope that my diary will be useful for the person lift the curse, can you please find out about what happened to my Uncle I am afraid I will never see him again and if so he has fallen make sure he is in a better place. Love, Sofia

Peter closed the book. Everything around them went silent.


Chapter 9 –The Scientist’s Notes


All of a sudden, Iris fell to the ground. The light around her was flickering. “Iris!” exclaimed Peter. “Alizar has awakened! He is starting to suck my life before he gets his full powers tomorrow. You must find the notes from Sophia’s uncle so you can stop Alizar” said Iris, closing her eyes.“Sam, look after Iris while I look for the notes” said Peter. “OK, be careful!” said Sam. Peter moved room to room looking for anything unusual. Finally after searching for what seemed like a long time, Peter found an old picture of a young man wearing a lab coat. On the bottom of the frame, there was a small combination lock with numbers. “What could the combination be?” thought Peter. He tried a few numbers then he recalled that Iris said that the year the family moved was 1918 and he decided to try that on the combination. All of a sudden the wall began to shake and dust surrounded him.

Peter couldn’t see anything until the dust cleared. There was an outline of a door in the wall and Peter slowly pushed it open and went inside. The door quickly closed behind him. Looking around the room, Peter could see it was medium sized with a small window for light with lots of bookshelves filled with old volumes on them. There was a small desk, covered with quills, paper, ink and an old candlestick. On the floor were stacks of paper and books. On the wall was an old sword display. Peter began to search for the notes on the desk, but didn’t find anything there. He looked in the piles of paper on the ground and finally hidden under the last pile, he found the notes.

The notes read “Alizar has only one weakness, which is light. I have created a weapon which has harnessed the light, which can be used to kill him. It is our only hope. I have created a sword forged from a very special metal which can harness light. Tonight I shall try to kill Alizar and break the curse.

“So the sword is the key to killing Alizar!” exclaimed Peter to himself. He looked around the room and saw a sword mounted on the wall. Carefully he reached out and grabbed it. The sword seemed to come to life in his hands and shot a bolt of light across the room. A ball of light glowed across the room for a second and then slowly returned to Peter, forming a figure of a man. He was tall with a old fashioned mustache and wearing a lab coat, just like the young man in the picture. “Who are you?” asked Peter in a wary voice. “I’m Professor William Wilcox. And may I ask whom I am conversing with, young man?” said the figure. “I… I am Peter. I am a friend of Iris Wilcox. She is one of your descendents. She was cursed and Alizar is sucking the rest of her life before he reaches his full powers tomorrow. I found your notes and now I must use the sword to kill him!” exclaimed Peter.

“If she is cursed, then she is in grave danger. You must try to kill Alizar. You must succeed where I have failed. Alizar is very smart, also very good with a sword and he will try to trick you by bargaining her life with yours. You must not let him he likes to mess around . . .  poor girls, poor my sweet Sofia” said the professor. What girls and what happen to Sofia?” ask Peter. The professor talked again acting like Peter wasn’t there. “ I could never imagine the horrible things he has done to the other girls that lived here after,” He looks at Peter, “ You will find him waiting for you in the attic, poor Sofia . . . poor girls,”  said the spirit as he slowly disappeared before his eyes before he can say another word. “That Professor is crazy . . .  and what was he talking about?” he said to himself Peter quickly left to go to the attic.


Chapter 10– The Battle


Slowly Peter pulled down the attic stairs and started up the stairs. When he reached the top, a gust of wind pushed him inside. He staggered a little until he got his balance. He looked up and a figure appeared in the darkness. He could tell it was an outline of huge man… very tall with pale skin and red glowing eyes. His hair was black and pulled back in a ponytail. He was wearing a leather jacket and black jeans. He could just make out what looked like the handle of a sword on his back. “Alizar!” said Peter in a low growl. “Ahhhh, Peter… I was expecting you!” smiled Alizar.

“Let’s not battle. Let us instead compromise, like men, shall we?” said Alizar in an eerie, but charming voice. “What do you have in mind?” asked Peter, eyebrow raised. “I let the girl go, in exchange for a new life source” said Alizar with a smile, eyeing Peter “ Before we talk about that I what to ask you a question, said Peter. “ All right boy what is it but be quick,” said Alizar. “What did you do to those families after the Wilcox family left especially the girls,” said Peter. “Aaaa well when you are a demon you get very lonely those . . .  young girls were very beautiful . . . you can imagine what happened next,” said Alizar smiling.  “And Sofia what happened to her,” ask Peter very fast. “That was one question but all right I will answer I made a trade with her I will let her and her family   go if she will spend the night with me . . . she was the best of all of them you know, so my boy what do you say a soul for a soul, said Alizar still smiling.

“No, all you’re going to do is kill more people, and still kill Iris or hurt her!  I don’t trust you” said Peter. “I won’t touch a hair on her head in exchange for a new life for hers” said Alizar. “I would rather fight you than risk any more lives” said Peter. “If you insist, but I never lose a battle” said Alizar, pulling out his sword it was a large swords its blade was black as night. Peter ran towards Alizar raising the sword and swung at him. Alizar blocked his strike and lashed his sword at Peter, cutting him on the shoulder. Blood started to run down his arm. Peter slashed at Alizar with his sword and knocked him over into a pile of boxes. All of a sudden a burst of dark light appeared and the boxes flew up around him. Alizar stood up and through his sword at Peter. The sword caught on Peter’s shirt and pinned him to the wall. Peter dropped his sword and Alizar picked it up. “You should have chosen the deal, boy” snarled Alizar.

All of a sudden the sword started to glow and Alizar’s hand began to smoke. Alizar yelped, dropped the sword and backed away. Peter was able to grab the sword that had pinned him to the wall and free himself. He grabbed the glowing sword and return Alazar’s sword to him. “Why did you do that? You could have killed me right then and there!” Alizar exclaimed. “I’d rather kill you with integrity and fairness” said Peter. “You foolish boy!” said Alizar with a smile. He then charged at Peter and raised his sword. He slashed at Peter, but Peter blocked him. The two swords collided, both equal in strength, and the battle continued for hours. Night fell again and the moon was coming into view. “We have battled long into the day and night. Tonight, I will have my full powers and you shall die” said Alizar with a cackle. Suddenly the moonlight struck Peter’s sword and it began to glow. Peter felt new strength flowing into him. “I don’t think so” said Peter with a smile. Peter pushed Alizar back, making Alizar stagger. Then Peter knocked the sword from Alizar’s hands.

Then Peter raised his glowing sword towards Alizar and plunged the sword into Alizar’s chest and he burst into dark ashes. The sword shot a beam of light and Professor Wilcox appeared. “You lifted the curse, my boy. Now you have set me free. I am forever grateful for your bravery and strength” said the professor. “I’m so glad that it’s finally over and Iris is safe, too” said Peter looking at the sword. “Keep the sword and go find your friends. You have an amazing story to tell” said the professor as he faded away. Peter hurried downstairs and hurried downstairs to find Sam hovering over the figure of a person. “You broke the curse and you saved Iris!” said Sam. Iris awoke with a jerk. She had a surprised look on her face. Then she touched her face and arms and cried out in joy.

“You saved me, Peter!” cried Iris. “What happened to Alizar?” asked Sam. “Gone, I guess… he turned into a pile of black ashes” said Peter. Iris got up and walked up to Peter. “Are you OK?” asked Iris.“Yeah, we should go home now. You need to get back to your family and I know our families will be worried about us, too” said Peter. They started to head out the door, when Peter grabbed Iris’ arm. “Iris, can I ask you something?” said Peter. “Yeah, Peter, of course. What is it?” Iris asked. “Do you think you might want to hang out sometime… like on a date?” Peter said, looking at his feet. “Sure, I’d love to!” said Iris. “Really… cool!” replied Peter. “We should be going” said Iris taking Peters hand.

But as they left the house, Peter felt a chill on the back of his neck…


Could it be The End…?



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