What I Have Seen

  What I Have Seen by Fernando Cano (shy voice)(slow) I was once a small.. a small boy who.....

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What I Have Seen by Fernando Cano

(shy voice)(slow)

I was once a small.. a small boy who..

(May I start Over) (a bit faster tempo)

I was once a small boy who dint know much

And who couldn’t even hold a grudge

Someone who knew no separation

Or economical depreciation.

All what I have seen is the beginning of much more that I couldn’t possibly believe.


(faster tempo)

Now listen

This isn’t going to be no love story,

And It isn’t me depressed in my dormitory,


Its what I have seen,

And not a life lesson meant to be clean.

I Have seen separation,

But sadly no liberation.

And When your own country teaches you unity

But you don’t even see it in your own community.

Help one another? No, only if you are my blood brother,

There is not trust, and that’s why we get crushed.

There is still segregation, but no citations,

What I have seen starts making me into my own character

but I can choose to be my own editor.



But it’s not what I have seen that’s scares me, it’s also what I can’t.

I haven’t experienced death, neither in a parent or a pet.

And that’s what haunts my thoughts,

and not the sound of gunshots.

The idea of change is scary,

Some embrace it, but others think its CRAZY!

So who will stand by me while experience things that I have never felt?

Decision that never have to dealt.

But what shocks me the most is not what I have seen.

But it’s the feeling that I just got out of my teens!

And still having a long way to go.

Now tell me something,

If any of you though this was touching,

Which I won’t be judging,

I like to hear yours, and what you have seen

Tell me something that I haven’t foreseen


Written by Fernando Cano
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