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Yet Again

Yet again hurt again laying here by myself yet again alone used once again with nothing to say all...

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Yet again

hurt again laying here by myself yet again alone
used once again with nothing to say all I do is
hold it down so no one knows how I truly feel
inside it works until it all falls apart and then
my secrets are out for everyone to tear me apart I
didn’t mean to get so attached I really didn’t mean
for things to end up like they have but I guess I only have myself
to blame but I still go back for
that last kiss waiting for it to finally mean something
to him waiting to finally mean something to someone
not just something they got what a sucker for a sweet talker
I guess it’ll happen I know it will ill be there feeling alone
yet again feeling more used then I ever have before but why do
I want it so bad to tell another story? what do I need to prove?
I don’t know what’s going on anymore I really thought I had gotten outta
this horrible act I guess that was just another scene im all wrapped up in it
all again with him with it with them but it in some ways its different
but ironically all the same I knew nothing good would ever happen
I finally get happy and once again
ripped away
here come the tears
here comes my heart
yet again on the ground all alone once again…

-11 year old me

I feel my poem is significant to the theme because so many young kids are trying to find their sexuality, and so many people prey on this instead allowing these youths to grow and flourish; naturally, this lack of communication has haunted me for years and has lead in to my relationships, and if this poem relates to any inner child or a young person trying to find their way through this world full of predators I will feel I had done something, if anything.
Thank you for your time,
Sydney Harris

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