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The City of Love

The City of Love In the third grade a young sweet little girl with four eyes would come into...

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The City of Love

In the third grade a young sweet little girl with four eyes would come into Miss Molloy’s class room during lunch every day. She would listen to Miss Molloy’s stories about Paris, “The City of Love.” The young girl was so amazed. She wanted to go to this special place she drooled for called Paris. Miss Molloy inspired her to travel the world. She always said her name just like a queen, “Miss Patricia, I have a special gift for you today.” The young girl was so excited for lunch time to come; she thought maybe she’s going to tell another story about the smell of the warm cinnamon bread coming out of the oven as Miss Molloy walked by the bakery in the streets of Paris.

Miss Molloy always said everything in Paris looks so picture perfect. The green trees are cut so sharp and the streets are so clean she can walk bare foot if she wanted to. Everyone is as sweet as sugar with their soft beautiful accent. The chocolate is so rich–just thinking of it makes your mouth watery. All the buildings are so elegant with texture carved and so detailed with all the history behind them. There’s so much beautiful scenery like the bridge of locks, Arc De Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre, and the most famous of them all that’s built so high and lights up at night: the Eiffel Tower.

When it was lunch time the little girl was running to Miss Molloy’s classroom as if it was Christmas morning. She couldn’t wait for the surprise waiting for her. The girl quietly sat in the small yellow chair that she always sits on. On the table there was a red card with a gold stamp, two fragile cups set up so neatly, and two pieces of fresh bread as if she was in a fancy restaurant. They talked about more stories while they ate their bread. Then Miss Molly brought pink sparkling lemonade. When the girl drank the drink, it felt like she was having a party in her mouth. The girl always asked about her teacher’s lover in Paris and how they met and what they did.

She always loved hearing about Miss Molloy’s romantic stories, especially the ones with her lover. She wakes up while her lover makes her breakfast in bed with roses all over the bed. They walk around the park while feeding the birds from the palms of their hands. Then they go see a play with live music. Finally when the sun sets, they go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and watch the stars. The moment was magical.

The girl sighed as if she was listening to a Cinderella story. The little girl told her teacher someday she’s going to Paris with her lover and spend the day just like her teacher did. “Ring ring,” story time was over. Miss Molloy made the red card with a golden stamp that was sitting on the table; she told the little girl one day you are going to Paris. Till this day I still have that red card with a golden stamp and I’m going to Paris.

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