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Winter Morning

I woke up with my nose as red as a cherry tomato, and the rest of my body was...

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I woke up with my nose as red as a cherry tomato, and the rest of my body was as warm as a freshly baked gingerbread man cookie.  It was December, and I was on winter break.  I looked out the window to my surprise, it snowed throughout the night and it looked like sparkling crystals lying on the ground.  I could smell a faint fragrance of cinnamon and bacon in the damp cool air blowing through the heater ducts.  When I jumped out of bed, I threw my winter coat on, and I approached the back door to check out the beautiful pure white snow. Then I heard the voice of my father say, “Not yet, you need to eat your breakfast.” I couldn’t believe that I had to stop and eat breakfast before I was able to go play in the snow.

I slowly raised my hand to touch the cool dewy window, and I felt the warmth leaving my hand as the window started to fog up.  I lifted my hand off the window, and the dew slowly dripped down onto the cool white metal window frame.  I was still in disbelief that I wasn’t able to go outside. As I was looking out the window, I could see a dim orange reflection from the fireplace, the orange glow was shimmering as if the sun was peaking over the mountains from the east. After I wiped my damp hand on my plush flannel print pajama pants, I grabbed a piece of aged pine to put in the fireplace. As I got closer to the fireplace, I could feel the warmth hit my face; it felt like I was using a hairdryer to warm myself. The smell of cinnamon was getting stronger and I was feeling a rumble in my stomach.

Breakfast was finally ready and I was surprised to see that monkey bread was cooling down in the pan, and hot chocolate was rapidly melting away the tiny white marshmallows.  I got a plate out of the cupboard and grabbed the metal tongs, and as I grabbed the monkey bread the homemade caramel sauce strung out like a spider-web on to the plate.  I put a piece into my mouth, and the heat of the bread made me drool, but no one was around to see.  I waited for hours it seemed for breakfast, but now I am done and the fun shall commence.

I was so excited to play in the white crystallized snow in the backyard that I had forgotten to grab my waterproof black snow boots. With my warm bare feet, I took a step onto the cool winter snow. I was so excited that the coldness hadn’t bothered me at all. Suddenly, I reached down and grabbed a handful of the crystallized snow and formed it into a snowball. After throwing the snowball at my father, he had chased after me and put a handful of the cold snow in the back of my shirt. I had dropped to my knees and fell on my back. I was shocked. I then moved my arms and legs in a back and forth motion to form a snow angel. I had then realized after hours of playing in the snow that the tips of my toes had become numb and it was time to go into the house. I dusted the powdered snow off my clothes and went into the warm house and sat by the blazing fire.

As the sun went down behind the mountains, the snow shimmered in the moon light. Sitting by the fire and drinking hot chocolate, I thought about my day of playing in the snow and making memories. Having the orange reflection of fire in the window and spending time with family. Winter is time for playing in the cool breeze of the winter air and sitting by the warm fire drinking hot chocolate. It was worth having to wait to eat breakfast before being able to play in the crystallized snow.


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