Below the Surface

We think we know the Ocean, Angry, mean or calm. But for the Ocean itself it knows, What really,...

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We think we know the Ocean,

Angry, mean or calm.

But for the Ocean itself it knows,

What really, truly goes on.

________________________________________________                                         The wind rages before the Ocean,

Blowing it off it’s feet.

The storm inside continues on,

As if it wants to destroy in a beat.

________________________________________________                                         It kills everything within it’s path.

Trampling lives, and leaves.

The people scream around it,

“Why can’t it leave us be?”

________________________________________________                                         The wind turns into a blizzard.

It grows inside with power.

If it is unleashed, there will be carnage.

Nothing will be the same after.

________________________________________________                                         The wind blows the waves of the Ocean,

Making the sand feel cold.

Whatever it touches turns to darkness,

As the storm starts to get old.

________________________________________________                                         The air starts to freeze.

Suffocating those around it.

They scream and yell and suffer,

As the wind carries their happiness to sea.

________________________________________________                                         The Ocean is the wind that beckons,

The Ocean is the wind that destroys.

The Ocean is the wind who loves,

The Ocean is the wind that toys.

________________________________________________                                         The anger of the wind is destructive,

Defining the Ocean for life.

Other things that have happened,

Never existed anymore in time.

________________________________________________                                         There is more to the Ocean than the wind.

There is more to the Ocean than the storm.

There is more to the Ocean than the thing,

The thing that controls the emotion inside,

Once again, turning the tide.

________________________________________________                                         The wind pushes to the top,

Scaring the innocents away.

If they come close they are marked,

Run, run, run away.

________________________________________________                                         The wind insults the elements,

It shames the Ocean to evil.

The people around the sea hurt,

The Ocean feels like the Devil.

Then the wind turns into shame,

The guilt it feels is daunting.

Things feels so different.

The wind calms down to nothing.

________________________________________________                                         What is left is destruction of a family.

Of friends who were once loved.

The guilty Ocean apologizes,

For something that controlled it.

It wants to be beloved.

________________________________________________                                         The wind is still felt in the air.

Like a tragedy that had happened once.

Something bad happened here,

But the evil things are gone.

________________________________________________                                         The ocean of tears, come onward.

It is angry with the wind.

The wind made the Ocean something,

Something the ocean doesn’t want to be again.

________________________________________________                                        The ocean was angry at first,

Because it had no control.

The wind decided to make it angry,

It wanted to rule the world.

________________________________________________                                         The wind had been insulted,

It had been ashamed.

But the ocean was embarrassed,

For the way that it had behaved.

________________________________________________                                         At first the Ocean thinks,

That it was the wind’s fault.

But then the Ocean realizes,

It had made the call.

________________________________________________                                         So the Ocean cannot blame the wind,

It had its own power,

To calm the storm before it began,

But it didn’t understand the desire.

________________________________________________                                         The Ocean is alone,

The other elements hate it,

“It is evil, and angry,” They say,

So the Ocean stays away.

________________________________________________                                         The wind just keeps coming,

On and off it goes,

Deciding the mood of the ocean,

As the ocean begins to flow.

________________________________________________                                         The Ocean thinks it’s in control,

But the illusion persists.

As the Ocean’s control weakens,

The wind does the rest.

________________________________________________                                         The elements become afraid,

As they cower in fear.

The Ocean is completely irrational,

But it is still held dear.

________________________________________________                                         They tell the Ocean to suffer,

They tell the Ocean to calm,

As the elements work together,

The Ocean feels once again strong.

________________________________________________                                         The Ocean is cared about,

But it had no control.

As ships and fish crashed within it,

It cannot let those memories dash.

________________________________________________                                         The Ocean lets the memories stay,

To continue to help to this day.

As the Ocean calms, the kids play,

“The Ocean is in control again!” they say.

Written by Elisabeth Morrison
I am a student at Ventura College, hoping to transfer to a college or university and major in Anthropology. I spend my time, writing fictional stories for my benefit and for pure fun with the imagination. Profile


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