We all have a room we call our own, a place we manage with so much trial and error....

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We all have a room we call our own, a place we manage with so much trial and error. The room we’ve created, the space we feel safe in, was put together by all the people we once knew, all the people we thought we knew and all the people we simply saw at a distance. The room we call our own is only our own because we decide where we reside in it, which memories we wish to remember, and which people we choose to approach. Little things in life that we don’t consciously recall reside in the room with us. The smile you got from your crush back when you were a kid, or a warm embrace from a loving individual who now feels like a distant dream.

What a stranger can be will vary, a stranger will be an angel to some, but a demon to another. Meeting strangers is a gamble, although never giving a chance is just as big of a risk. Understand there’s risks, and heath forth today before tomorrow comes along because you only have limited chances to get a life-long connection with a person you’re still to meet. There are no set of rules to meeting anyone, you will suffer in the process but in many cases you’ll find a person you could trust.

Move now and forget regret simply set what you want to get and don’t let it get away. Reach out and embrace the unknown. What you choose to learn from one another will not be who you’d become because what you do will always define you.

Written by Albert Nunez
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