What is a Stranger?

What is a Stranger? It’s a word that’s used for describing someone you don’t know, or someone who doesn’t...

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What is a Stranger?
It’s a word that’s used for describing someone you don’t know, or someone who doesn’t know you.
a term in which you can box me into, wrap me in a bow and give me as a gift to the others, present me as whatever best fits.
a phrase, a frame of mind.
A picture frame mind.
A portrait image of what I should be and who I am yet to become.
Landscape, picture frame, the view, the who, what and where are you going?
They ask every few seconds, as if I can make up my mind under this much pressure.
I’m sorry I am yet to decide how to define my life, my past, my present and my future.
It’s a term we use to describe other humans and their views, because it’s so much easier to judge, condemn and decide which label to attach when we don’t know them.
the feeling of pushing down a person until they are flattened and then asking them to hold the weight of the sky, as we walk on their stars; the galaxy that holds us and decides for us what to be, the place we stick things too bright to see with the naked eye and we don’t want to wear sunglasses every time we look upon them.
someone you once locked eyes with and for a moment you lived with, cared with and grew old with.
the word they stayed when you walked away, because you never said anything to them and that lifetime you lived in a second, flashes before your eyes. You blink and it’s gone.
They are gone.
No happily ever after for your storybook chapter.
the feeling you get when you travel somewhere new. Walk off the plane, into a room, a tower, a castle, a new classroom, anywhere you haven’t been before and no one knows you, and sometimes even when they do, you can’t help but feel a stranger, an adjective, a word.
a concept, and a confining term.
a frame of mind, and you trying to decide whether to introduce yourself or not, to the one you call “strange”.
It’s a term we use to cookie cutter shape, and mold and bake and devour the souls of the ones who bear that term.
a person, a place and a thing, something defining, sometimes awakening, others times questioning, condemning, labeling, and deciding.
a word, with a thousand different meanings, questions, and feelings.
a beginning, a middle and an end.
Me. Here. Now.

Written by Jadzia Winter
I adore singing and preforming, writing songs and poetry, I love psychology, and books are my life. Profile


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