Spring 2018 Poetry Slam Submission

Breaking the Silence

Silence. Can sometimes be just what your looking for- Or most times it can be the TV screens, multimedia...

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Can sometimes be just what your looking for-

Or most times it can be the TV screens, multimedia scenes, ignorance themed, mean man oppressing machines;

that have caused many to be silenced.

I have been silenced

through playful violence

and hurtful playtimes.

My written rhymes heal the scars

as my voice

breaks down society’s illusional cell bars of this prescribed silence.

I’m breaking silence

for all those seeking shelter

sleeping on the streets

with nothing to eat

while fat cats go out to eat

seven days a week

others struggle taking daily leaps

just to make ends meet.

I’m breaking silence

for all the kids

who just wanted to express themselves

without double-doubting

what they saw as proud

their unique courageous sound.

Though most times we get beaten around

told we’re lesser than the ground,

negative words can overcrowd

inner thoughts

making love rot-

causing love to rotten.

I’m breaking silence

For all those going to school full time

with a full time job and another one too

just to pay rent dues

with no room to snooze

manageable to lose one’s mind

over dense overworked times.

Real life got me stressing

even with an education

I’m living payday-to paycheck.

Been taught,

“I’ll rest when I die”


For all the boys who got taught

that we outta fight

the weak thoughts

that emotions weren’t made for us

“Put your fists up,

don’t give a fuck,

get rich or die trying;

As if money bought us the horizon.

–At a young age I learned

that physical connection

was merely a pleasurable oppression

degrading to women

concentrated on male gazing

and violent domination

with monstrous verbal language.


to all the questions in my thoughts

when I’ve always been told not

to speak out on how I feel.

I FEEL as if masculinity

–generally associated roles and ideas of boys and men–

is my greatest, darkest, loathsome bully

fully tossing and turning

my gut feelings start churning.

Throat aching-heart burning

though I’m buried deep under temptations

suffocating from expectations

of what a boy should be

when he becomes a man.


for all the lost boys

who don’t care to fit in,

who question their guidance,

who want to speak up,

to share their brotherly love,

who know how to empathize

with all sizes and vices.


for ALL MY wrong doings

from the degrading hip hop & rap

to the harmful jokes,

from being dishonest,

to breaking promise.

To having nearly lost it all,

to continually banging my head against the wall

drowning out the pain with alcohol

and never being taught

other methods of undoing this knot.


for all the narrow minded ignorance,

saying, ” man rules over everything”.

Trash that mentality!

One by one, I’m yanking out the toxic roots,

trying to break the loop

of this consistent numbing

of what my inner child is becoming;

cause there ain’t no rest for the wicked,

timid, limited spirits.

Vulnerability has the power to set us free

from our black holes, painful roles and confused souls.


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Written by omar uribe
I am an Ojaian, who is at VC to finish my A.S. in Culinary Arts. I have been writing poetry passionately for the past 6 years Profile

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