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This Is My Message

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Marshall E.


                                                                                                                                          This Is My Message

You see–this is me. What made me who I am today? It is not the times I was stung by six bees. Not the time a dog jumped on me and stole my doughnut. I cried only because I was a kid. Not all the places I traveled to, nor all the cruise ships I have been on. Look-as I write I ponder about my past, and revisit those dark places I have been. The times my siblings made fun of me and out-cast myself. The time that stuck with me most was during my dad’s stroke, which was music.

At first I had no idea I lived under a rock. And then I hear this white rapper named Eminem. I’m thinking “Dang, he’s really good! He feels the same way as I do.” Now as that has been seven years, I no longer listen to him. I only listen to a person named NF, who isn’t a Christian rapper but is a rapper. He is a huge influence in writing my music. But I have God within me, making my music out of the things I have gone through growing up. I can’t write all of it, but my passion is that I’ve been to rock bottom and I AM HERE to help anyone that feels burdens, pain, or that are hurt. This is my passion, and this is my message to anyone who regrets the choices they have made. I can testify to my hard life through the struggles I have gone through, and I AM HERE to help anyone that has been there also.

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