Spring 2018 Poetry Slam Submission

2018 Poetry Slam Submission

Breaking Silence 1.2 Here is my poetry submission for the ‘Breaking Silence’ theme. I think this submission best fit...

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Breaking Silence 1.2

Here is my poetry submission for the ‘Breaking Silence’ theme.

I think this submission best fit the theme as it speaks to the idea of breaking silence as a refuge that has been destroyed for those who seek to hide in it, and a cage that has been forever broken for those imprisoned by it.  I took the perspective of a broken silence object, physical thing, or tangible constraint to help the reader add context and a  perspective of what silence really feels like.  My initial thoughts were of the sanctity of silence that was represented in the movie “The Graduate” to the restraining orders so common today that buy the hushed justice plaguing our landscape, both being jolted into new meaning by the outcries of those oppressed.

Breaking Silence By Corey Highberg
Copyright © 03/21/2018
Highberg, Corey | VENTURA COLLEGE, 03/21/2018

This refuge of the mind
This once safe place
This haven, now pushed to forefront
Prison doors slammed shut un-wanting
Sealed among those seeking recluse

Unavailable, loud, pressing, urgent
No longer a home
Panic, opened cages
Unshackled, those held in bondage
Unsafe, those in retreat

A vestige of oppression
Hoping to destroy
And never again
They, which scream at the sky
Hands raised, head high

No longer familiar
Uncertain and insane
Purpose hopeful for the hopeless vain
Broken, bent, un-mended, spent
Shouted, searched, sought, heard

Those who will fix it
Tinker secret sidelines
Away from masses
Searchlights sighting frightened boys
Slighted ladies posing sides of isles

Safe-less, loud, pressing, pressed, distressed
Printed, posted, found and founded
Shouting secretive sentence
Burst from our heads to the ground
From this, the broken silence sounds

From this, new verses wound
Spinning new constructs
Winding new clocks
Writing new equations
Proving solutions known, endless

Glass ceilings etched
Carving over and over
The same tale of certainty
Behind the crystal story
Lies in foreground, truth trailing behind

Time, time, time, time
Setting new expectations
Lining new victory laps
We are so tired
Soles never seem to wear out

Lines will flip
The second voice will ring first
Ears shocked, granted attention
The volume will not rescind
Silence broken will begin

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