Spring 2018 Poetry Slam Submission

Collective Consciousness

SO WHO ARE WE? But people of OUR OWN Never to be CLONED, Mechanically OWNED, Imperialistically DRONED, Frozen in...

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But people of OUR OWN

Never to be CLONED,

Mechanically OWNED,

Imperialistically DRONED,

Frozen in between concrete.

Look within if you’re feeling alone

Went IN, now I’m feeling so GROWN

Reaching up towards the sky.

Work hard,

Travel light

Set free,

but attached like a kite.

Let the wind take me on my flight

Ignite sounds to surround my flow,

As I flew down low

Take it easy–Forgo

All political puppet shows.

No silly strings attached.

So my dreams won’t collapse

I got a dream catcher for that.

We the dreamers of our raps.

Mind seekers,

Expressed philosophized speakers,

Preachers into wise leaders.

Keepers of our WORDS

Sink deeper into yours

As I fall into mine.

Not worried bout the time.

No hurry to my rhyme.

Composed feelings on a line

Suppose these feelings were a sign

Sending shivers down my spine.

Won’t shiver but I can shine!

Wither with or whether without

It’s the bitterness that I could do without.

As I look out

In the distant distance

With a passionate consistence

For this passive resistance,

No commitments to an image,

Just motivations for

The visions of ambitions

To diminish these conditions

Of our politicians traditions;

An effort to prohibit

The limits of our spirit.

Expecting us to fear it.

Only freedom for the fearless

Freedom after all

Egotistical disappearance,

I rather LIVE this radical spiritual

EXPANDING experience.


—So who am I?

But a person of my own

Already known I can’t be cloned

Won’t let them mechanically drone

The only things that I control.

My consciousness’ bliss.

My mind’s creative dish.

MY VOICE and the way I move my lips.

My order of priorities,

Balanced by equalities,

Creating qualities

for the quantities

through a modestly honest,


developing psychology.

Written by omar uribe
I am an Ojaian, who is at VC to finish my A.S. in Culinary Arts. I have been writing poetry passionately for the past 6 years Profile

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