Contests, Spring 2018 Poetry Slam Submission

‘Interrupt’ ‘Absence of sound’ (Breaking Silence)

It was more than just a mere hush, The breaking of our voices Enveloped us with silence. Long ago,...

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It was more than just a mere hush,

The breaking of our voices

Enveloped us with silence.

Long ago,

Taken by control

To “Manifest Destiny”

The loss of everything

And now we are here.

In this moment she sees

Underneath the color of skin,

Begging to fit in,

The desire to be free

While still wearing the skin of me.

But who gave the power to man

To make us understand

That what I see

Before me

Is the definition of “beneath”?

To say my brown skin

Will never within

Society today shall I win

In anyway

To be a slave to the mind

And not have the power to grind

To be nothing more than labor

Not in any way a leader.

To follow the herd

As they choose the stereotypes

For my kind to fit into.

My rights are lost

My battles remain

Fighting for a cause

To help me regain

A rightful place in life

To be seen by more than just the eye

No, no, not to disguise

My skin

But to reprimand

The ideas that come with


In hindsight

Do we not recognize

That liberty goes side by side

With the justice to speak mind?

Yet still,

We find a way

At the end of the day

To silence the voices of men

And still call it justice.

Shame on you.

Shame on the name

Who dare say

That I will never amount to anything

Except to become a picker or clean.

My generations before

Picked and cleaned to open a door

For my many opportunities

To be all that I can be.

Today, that ends

I am breaking my silence.

Say what you will

Because I am determined

And still,

I will prevail

And become more than tales

Lies and deceit

That think they can represent me

But they don’t

My brown skin

Tells stories of greatness within

And the struggles of my past

With the scars lying within

Will never silence me again.

I break the chains

That tried to hold my name

From being spoken with dignity

As I walk across the stage

To reclaim my destiny.

I earned the degree

I am set free.


Written by Lisa Castaneda
Two decades and four years ago, a girl with a passion and a purpose was made to be. I walk this path to find the people who drive my fire to become a change in this world, even if it’s just the one. Profile

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