Spring 2018 Poetry Slam Submission


This is going to be very heavy, but the weight is too much, and I need help carrying it....

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This is going to be very heavy, but the weight is too much,

and I need help carrying it. So thank you all for helping me.

A girl once told me that something horrible had happened to her and that she had to carry a tremendously heavy boulder, up a steep rugged mountain.

This thing that made her carry it is an animal, roaming where it pleases, doing what it wants.

It does not carry a SINGLE THING on it’s journey, only itself.

It’s incapable of carrying anything else.

This girl was carrying this boulder up a mountain and she screamed at me,


So I took a chunk and I helped her carry it.

But it was too heavy for me, I wasn’t even sure how she’d been carrying it.

You would start to carry it up and up and up, then it just seemed to roll right back down to the bottom.

So I asked my friends to help me carry it.

They said “uh-uh, no way”

“It’s far too heavy, I don’t even know how you’ve been carrying it this long. Just stop carrying it, it’s not even your boulder!”

But I couldn’t set it down, I tried! It was cursed!

It just kept perching itself right back on my shoulders.

I asked the police to help and they said,

“We’ll push it up part of the way, but you gotta carry the rest.”


The girl by this point was strong, ripped, insanely muscular.

Carrying her boulder on one finger above her head she said to me,

“It’s not the boulder, I’ll always have to carry this.”

“It’s the mountain, it’s too steep.”

“I’m leaving and going to find something more level.”

So she left.

Five years passed.

I was still carrying this boulder up the hill and watching it roll down.

The animal laughing at me.

My friends came back and they said,

“We’re sick of this.”

“Five years, we’ve been watching you do this. It’s gotta stop.”

“We’re gonna help you.”

So we all carried it, and it was so light once everyone was there to help me.

We carried it all the way to the top of the mountain!

And on the other side of this mountain, there was a cliff.

We looked down and saw the animal staring up at us, bewildered and confused that we had pulled off this massive task.

We held the boulder high and chucked it over the cliff, smashing the animal to bits!

Relieving our weight, we relishing in our vanquish.

It was over for us.

But far away, the girl, now a strong woman, carries her boulder, up something more level.

Written by Trevor Morgan
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