Spring 2019 Poetry Slam Submission

Paradigm Shift

I got aspirations That make these obstacles worth facing I see wolves pacing Waiting to get a piece of...

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I got aspirations

That make these obstacles worth facing

I see wolves pacing

Waiting to get a piece of me after dark

Don’t have to be in the ocean to be surrounded by sharks

I never got the winning hand

I’m playing with a stacked deck

This corporate greed is slowing us down

like traffic by a car wreck

And if I jump through the hoops 

And do it their way

I don’t even know if its the same dream I had in the first place

When you do get a taste

You can try to make it last

But that’s when all the snakes 

Start coming out the grass

On the noble quest for progress

You can easily lose your truth

Gain some growing pains

That you can’t sooth

It’s hard fighting giants

That want to squish you like a bug

Tell lies about your character

And sweep you under the rug

My tactics must adjust

My abilities must improve

And then I turn on myself

When I finally get in the groove

What do I do?

Is it worth the struggle?

Are these accomplishments worth the hustle?

My head fills with gloom

Then I see a flower

What if it decided not to bloom?

It becomes so simple

The pure heart of a child wild and free

I don’t have to figure out what I want to be

I already am

So I’m going to do what I do

My doubts disappear too

My head fills with gratitude

Admire beauty

Breath deep

Read a book

Listen to your heart beat

Be here now 

To thyself be true

Don’t chase your dreams

Let your dreams chase you

No more hesitation

No more limitation

I didn’t like my story, So I wrote a variation

Set aside what I think I know for a new experience

And an open mind

Living life one moment at a time

Change is the essence of life

Don’t make count the reasons

4 right off the bat

Call them the seasons

Winter, summer, autumn, spring

Who knows what your next chapter will bring

Don’t fight the change

Growing at the speed of pain

It’s trying to tell you something

Are you listening?

Do you see the dew drops glistening?

If you’re think to much

Let some of them thoughts go

They can be a dam to your river

Blocking your flow

If you’re down in a hole

I can give you a hand

You just better be prepared to stand 

I can carry you, but not for long

There’s too many other people

Barely hanging on

So put your down

Go walk to the beach

Take your socks and shoes 

Off your feet

Feel the cool water

On your toes

Perfect conditions

For your soul to grow


kaleb scarminach in Spring 2019 Poetry Slam Submission
  ·   2 min read

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