The Rediscovery: The True Path to Success

The creative mind is stronger and more meaningful than originally thought by many.

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For those of you who dive into this, send help. The worst part of life has finally happened and I need a way out. Something that we all fear to attend and ultimately siphons out our souls at the end of each day, has begun. It is a place we cannot escape unless it meant figuratively or even physically dying…the never ending, gruesome day job.  A loop of gloom and disgust that doesn’t end for 8-10 hours along with back-breaking work, as we live paycheck to paycheck. All of us know what that is like, voiding us of the last of our resources. A truly terrible process. This problem brings me to a question: if you were given a choice between money and you, which would you pick? You, correct? Sure money is important, it is what keeps us alive and fed, but you, yourself, are exceedingly more important than the green bills. Our body is made up of three systems: The mind, the heart, and the soul, they are key components to living a good life. If those three are in shambles, that’s becomes a basic reflection of your future. Nobody wishes for that. 

Imagine for a second a scenario about a man who works 40 hours a week minimum wage. The worst kind of job that is existent today. Now, say for instance that his overtaxed attitude eventually pays off and he receives the hard earned money and benefits he deserves. Said person finally succeeded, yet he is no longer feels complete. He has nowhere to go, because there’s something missing along his carefully designed skeletal structure of success he built for years. Why does he feel so dreadful? The answer: His mind is in shambles. Growing up, we had our own dreams: to be an artist, an astronaut, or even the President of the United States. At that stage, we acquired a fire that lit in all of us, in our minds, because we thought that we could become exactly what we wanted in our dreams. In actuality, when the time comes, reality hits you harder and takes you down so much. That realization of reality can shatter the imaginative very easily and ultimately transforms your perception into something incredibly disadvantageous to your life. Thus, the feelings of joy and success he sought in his job did not come to fruition. The same fire that stoked his dreams, shattered to pieces, including what he really wanted to do in life left him so long ago. That person is now a miserable wreck. This is what he was missing in life. Unfortunately, similar individuals are paving the same road: workers who utter the simple words: “I hate my job”, because that is what workers mindsets become from now and until they kick the bucket. Just as they pave that road, that mindset becomes cemented into their brains. A massive sphere of negativity and hatred is formed, engulfing not only their minds, but their hearts, and their souls. True goals dissolved, and they don’t do anything about it, because they feel like they cant. Those individuals feel trapped. Harsh, but it’s the inevitable truth. Nevertheless, for every question, there’s always a solution.

 This is a portion of our minds that we barely even wield or consider existent in life, but it is considered as one of the main focal points to rejuvenating those feelings and our dreams we’ve already long forgotten: our imaginations.  I’m a huge believer in this concept, mostly because it not only feels great but this unexplained freedom is granted. Numerous studies on healing with the mind exist, as well as multiple techniques quelling the brain from negativity. Lots of people misinterpret this concept, but imagination plays a key role in receiving positive energy. So much creativity and ingenuity is involved with just simply sitting down and thinking for even a brief second that you are on something akin to: a space voyage, saving a princess from dragons, or even, coincidentally, being that dragon(I enjoy that). Other occasions, people imagine lying down in a golden wheat field under a starry ocean-colored sky, wind blowing purposefully as if it was speaking to the dreamer. Truly a place you would only see in, well, dreams. Afterwards, those individuals feel so much more in tune with themselves. It makes me really upset that so many people today just neglect this entirely, and it stands to reason that neglecting the imaginative is one of the main causes as to why people are so miserable. A creative mind is supposed to inspire, to help you live a better life. It’s not meant to be seen as something as a mistake to humanity, or not even needed in our main “wheelhouses”. I was born heavily influenced in theater, so my imaginations pretty vivid. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case for some. You don’t have to be an art lover in order to have a well-endowed mind. Honestly, all you need is the will to imagine, the passion to create, and the patience to just sit down and seriously relax. Seriously, relax.

I work a semi-stable part-time retail job, at best 15 hours a week. Working that type of position is tough. You have to deal with tons of customers almost every minute and keep an attitude about yourself, one that influences the customers, which then makes your boss happy. It is a goal of happiness really, though, some people prefer to conceal their true feelings. After seeing what made imaginators and non-imaginators different, here’s the punch-to-the-gut about people with strong imaginations. Individuals like that don’t need to hide behind a facade of energy, cursing people on the inside as they smile on the outside. They just genuinely smile, and have a good time. Truthfully, I like my job. It gives me the opportunity to converse with others, something that I enjoy doing very much. This in turn, makes my mind work, my imaginative wheels start turning and it assists me in spreading happiness to wherever I am. Just wished I worked more. Other people you think would be on the same wavelength but we are all different. We live different lives; we live different experiences; we live different imaginations. A handful of coworkers I work with do that very same negative talk, just swearing behind customers backs as soon as they leave the store. The way its portrayed, their minds are already shattered and perceive one feeling, the gruesome feelings of the daily grind. The miserability of the dark side of life. That to me is just sad. In reality, what’s negativity going to bring? More negativity. We have no need for that. For those who read this and you mind is already lost and you feel nothing but regret and indecisiveness, do not despair. For whenever something is in pieces, it’s up to ourselves to reassemble it back to normal. Regain the determination to rise up, to become something bigger than your present self and time to contemplate on what you really want. Who you really want to become. Rekindle the fire that was once lost.

The creative mind is stronger and more meaningful than originally thought by many. Using this imaginative side to ourselves can grant us success and much more. It quells negativity, while giving us the tools to be truly successful, all we have to do is put them to work. Make those gears turn, because accessing that source of freedom is without a doubt, the best approach to the gateway of success. In order to leave behind the boring, dreaded, soul-sucking mentality: you must create, you must inspire…you must live.


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