Mirian G. Mendoza

21, Veggie, & Female :-)

7 stories by Mirian G. Mendoza

The Earth Says Hello!

A flower says hi, and a sparrow sings to me, spring has come again!

Apr 24 · 3 sec read >

Green Zen

Spring is zen to me, From the green hills to the moss, My bare feet rejoice.

Apr 24 · 3 sec read >

The Secret Society of Ex-Mermaids

Ex-mermaids love spring We take days off when sea-sick And go back on June  

Apr 24 · 3 sec read >

Mother Nature: An Age-Old Magician

Birds sing to me now And nature does its magic Turning white to green

Apr 24 · 3 sec read >

A Lover’s Heart is Like Spring

Basking in the sun Biting her plum red wet lips Tasting nothing but

Apr 21 · 2 sec read >
Cherry plums

Carpe Diem Today

Today’s the day again Tomorrow we live again And yesterday is dust.

Apr 20 · 2 sec read >