English 2

Choosing How College Will Affect Us

Choosing How College Will Affect Us             Tom Hanks said to one of his...

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The old wagon

The Old Wagon Early one morning my dad woke me. Towering above my head he asked me to get...

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Winter Morning

I woke up with my nose as red as a cherry tomato, and the rest of my body was...

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The Blame Game

Mikayla Burnett English 2 Dixon September 10, 2016 Narrative Essay   The Blame Game How did they track her...

Nov 26 · 3 min read >

Honor or Disrespect to the American Indian

Honor or Disrespect to the American Indian Often times you hear about sport teams like the Cleveland Indians or...

Apr 22 · 3 min read >

Sometimes It Just Takes a Spark

I could remember it like it was yesterday in the dimmed classroom on a quiet evening. My teacher had...

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Red Hats

Red Hatters wear red Purple is next, in a dress Who’s old? I am. Joy!

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Evil Forces (Title) Oni hisses whispers Hurt, harm, suffer, death I’m honored till times end   Life Flower (Title)...

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Students Choosing College Despite its Expense

    Students today are taking risks to have better and brighter futures. Michael Dannenberg and Mamie Voight state that,...

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