Creative Writing

Waves Haiku

Waves conquer the beach Marching in relentlessly Bringing with them peace

Apr 25 · 2 sec read >

War Haiku

war takes prisoners of the minds and souls of men for war never sleeps

Apr 25 · 3 sec read >


Dont you dare give up I said ” LIFT THAT SHIT DANIEL” I told you, you could do it

Apr 19 · 3 sec read >

Red Hats

Red Hatters wear red Purple is next, in a dress Who’s old? I am. Joy!

Apr 19 · 3 sec read >


Why do we speak Why do we eat Why do we spend each day on the same two feet...

Apr 19 · 49 sec read >


Evil Forces (Title) Oni hisses whispers Hurt, harm, suffer, death I’m honored till times end   Life Flower (Title)...

Apr 19 · 9 sec read >

The Shadow

Chapter 1 – The Beginning   Do you believe in demons or dark shadows? Well, if you heard of...

Apr 19 · 34 min read >

Generic Poem Title

I wrote a poem about you last year. I wanted to feel hopeful, like it would get better. Like...

Apr 19 · 1 min read >

One Day

I miss you everyday and I can’t wait for the day that we get to play

Apr 19 · 3 sec read >


One hand meets another and the smooth sensation of the touch sends a swim of chills up the body...

Apr 19 · 30 sec read >