Creative Writing


My heart was captured by his eyes My eyes where captured by his thighs My mind was made to...

Apr 19 · 21 sec read >


Whoa what a rush!!!  Those nice folks at the JPL didn’t come close to describing how it would feel...

Apr 19 · 2 min read >

Of Dragons and Kings

Over the hills and far away, Where knights come to save the day, An old woman, she used to...

Apr 19 · 1 min read >

If cats could talk…….

This is a story about my best friend…… When I was seven, my parents gave into my incessant whining...

Apr 19 · 2 min read >

Jupiter Nightmares

Jupiter nightmares, Dark, green eyed Martian men stares, Human race despairs.  

Apr 18 · 2 sec read >

Mother is that you?

To mommy dearest, It’s been 19 years, where are you? I have the freckles across my face that resemble...

Apr 18 · 58 sec read >

Constellations: A poem about dead friends and shitty feelings

We were all young, not even 20 yet. We have a world of potential before us. We have futures...

Apr 18 · 2 min read >

Ghost Train

If I would have kept on walking I would have walked straight into the path of the train. It...

Apr 18 · 1 min read >

Sky Kaiku

The Sky with a Sun Shines so bright in the blue sky In the month of April

Apr 17 · 3 sec read >


No life found on Mars. Signs of water; there is hope we are not alone.

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