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Girl blowing bubbles

The Fear of Being Black

“(Bang)” Another man down! It’s not considered murder if the body doesn’t make a sound. And, it doesn’t get...

Apr 10 · 38 sec read >

Pariah in the Flames

This is a character named Juji I created, for a story I never got around to writing.

Apr 10 · 3 sec read >

Plato’s Allegorical Cave – A Christian View

“The Myth of the Cave” is an allegory that represents the human condition as light vs. dark. The prisoners...

Apr 2 · 7 min read >
Image of earth

Upholding Education:  A Functional Look at the University Tour

School functions as an intellectual outlet for me.  More importantly, it functions as a form of escapism (funny how...

Mar 31 · 7 min read >
UCLA Bruin Day


Upon the memories I drink life’s sweet elixir As if that could ever really heal the damage done Nevertheless...

Mar 31 · 27 sec read >
Dream Time Lapse image of stars

Vulnerable Masculinity

Meet Joy aka Hulga Hopewell and Elisa Allen, two young women living out their days in the countryside. Flannery...

Mar 31 · 7 min read >
Moros Sketch


Fifty-three percent of abducted children, were abducted by their biological father, according to Heather Hammer, David Finkelhor, and Andrea J. Sedlak....

Mar 30 · 7 min read >
Painting of jazz musician