The Parenting War: Science vs. Instinct

In this scientific age, new findings emerge daily on every topic from technology to psychology. Simply signing into Facebook or...

Dec 29 · 8 min read >

Aaron Patrick

           We’re finally getting off the freeway at “Stadium Way,” making the last haul up the hill to Dodger...

Apr 19 · 3 min read >

The Smartphone Era

Cell phones have come a long way. We officially live in a digital age and it is only getting...

Nov 20 · 5 min read >


Plip, Plop, the rain drops Forming, gathering, pooling Synergy at best.

Oct 21 · 2 sec read >

My Guardian Angel

I would have never thought an object would mean so much to me, and that a small rosary could...

May 19 · 3 min read >


He sat at the back of the crowded tram, out of view and out of mind. No one looked...

May 11 · 2 min read >


It woke in the dark of night. The sky above was shrouded in a curtain of black and the...

May 11 · 8 min read >

This Moment

The man and woman raised their heads to the snow falling in gentle sprinkles of white around them. The...

May 11 · 10 min read >

Unnecessary Death

Roughly 155 babies lose their life per hour, that is about one baby per twenty-four seconds (TFP Student Action)....

May 8 · 4 min read >