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There is Benefit From the Truth

Teens may read the book, relate, and find humor in the fact that Junior actually admits to such a...

Nov 2 · 7 min read >
Cover of Alexie novel with a yellow slip challenging it

Natural Selection: Human Edition

Change is an occurrence that I am well versed in. It was something that I needed to get used...

Nov 1 · 4 min read >

As Fascinating as Dinosaurs and Astronauts

An essay based upon my personal experiences discussing what education means to me and why I think everyone should...

Nov 1 · 6 min read >

Defining Success

"I would like to pose the argument that success in academia and career is in no way at all...

Nov 1 · 6 min read >

It’s Not About You

Being the self-conscious, anti-social teenager  I was, a night of random dancing in front of hundreds of strangers didn’t...

Oct 31 · 4 min read >

The Rediscovery: The True Path to Success

The creative mind is stronger and more meaningful than originally thought by many.

Sep 4 · 4 min read >

The Mask, the Shield, and the Compass

Pride is the mask behind which we hide from our true nature and emotional burdens. This basic principle on...

Jun 16 · 6 min read >

A Child’s Impact on Romanticism

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is teeming with countless elements that bombard the reader with Romantic and Gothic...

May 17 · 5 min read >

Paradigm Shift

I got aspirations That make these obstacles worth facing I see wolves pacing Waiting to get a piece of...

May 3 · 1 min read >

The Price of the Dream

            Since its publication in 1949, Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman has sparked...

May 3 · 5 min read >